Colors Impact and Control

Choosing colors for your designs isn’t just about what looks good. It’s also about how those colors make you feel. Somewhere, deep in our subconscious, we all have split-second associations that we make when we see particular colors. And these associations can change what people think when they see your creation.

Here are some common color associations to keep in mind the next time you design.

Red: Danger, passion, excitement and energy.

: Freshness, youth, creativity, adventure.

Yellow: Optimism, cheerfulness, playfulness.

: Nature, vitality, wealth.

 Communication, trust, calm.

: Royalty, spirituality.

Want to see the power of color in action? Tweak the colors in your new project and see the power it has on your clients.

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New Year 2019 | Dallas/Fort Worth

Capturing the moment in Dallas Texas on New Year Day! #BecheKoko

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I am extremely happy to share these wonderful memories with you from the New Year 2019 Event. 

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