“Step-By-Step” Movement to Liberia’s BIGGEST MARATHON

“Step-By-Step” Movement  to Liberia’s BIGGEST MARATHON

The Bill Rogers Youth Foundation (BRYF) is moving one step at a time in preparation to host the biggest and only marathon in Liberia for  2018.

The BRYF  Run for Change event is a charity run/race to empower Liberian youth through the Bill Rogers Youth Foundation’s Sports for Change programs hence increasing youth participation in athletic activities.

The Bill Rogers Youth Foundation mission is to discover and develop the talents of today’s youth in Africa and Liberia so that they can positively impact their communities and the world at large.

We believed that sport is a unifier and it can be used to unit people for positive development. Sport can be used to bring people together and build communities.

Join us as we make this run/race a reality for the well being of the Liberian people.

Exposing the athletic talents of young Liberians is our priority.

-Emmanuel Kpoto Jr. | Liberia Media Lab

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