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Besspher Mannah Bio.

Besspher is blessed!

As of 2001, He was officially on American soil in fleeing with four brothers from a “Hard-Life” in a refugee camp called Buduburam that had no hope of a prospering future to a land of opportunity. With the support of his father and little help from family members, Besspher held fast to the though love that came out of his home, while his older siblings denounced it. With a courageous, motivational and inspirational drive, he graduated from L.D. Bell High School and was self-determined to be the first one among his siblings to attend a university.

He is also what we call a self-entrepreneur and he has a project in the making that God is willing to unfold when the blueprint is done.  Among the odds, Besspher’s future is already predestined and God keeps on putting amazing people in his life.

Besspher considers his father?s unemployment in 2006 which was at the spark of the economic downturn the trough of his life. Seeing the obstacles he and his father endured opened a broader spectrum of what life really is, and brought his relationship to God even closer.

Besspher may not be understood at the time by a common man, but the words that he speaks is pure wisdom once digested by any. At a much younger age in the United States, Besspher decided to put a journal together of his experienced journey from Africa to America and his endeavors to a successful life with his best friend Jener Smith in hope to change a life, be a blessing and a seed to those who are determine to “Rise above the Odds from “All Lé Way Down There” and be a success.

After a successful entrance into college, God showed up and blessed him with a job in Residential as a Program Assistant at Angelo State University.  With his amazing self-knowledge in graphic design, a warming smile, and his broad mind to look outside the box, Besspher was able to gain momentum in relationship building with administrations and staff members. He worked as a Program Assistant from the Fall of October to the Summer of July until the position was terminated base on insufficient funds. Beneath the wonderful smile and amazing personality, Besspher is very business minded and entrepreneur at heart.

Besspher is the owner, writer, artist, and editor of an organization called 989-Association.  Through the website, he expresses himself by his arts, inspirations, and values. For every minor thing that he does, he looks at it as if it is a puzzle piece to something great. So far, his philosophy has not proven him wrong, take a look at the man himself, his work and the people in which he familiarizes himself with, you will experience the caliber of his success.

As far as the for the next chapter, the blueprint is slowly being revealed. God time is the best. On the Saturday of December 13, 2014, Besspher graduated Angelo State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing. Graduation did not feel real until the day of graduation with the presence of the community of people who he familiarize himself with.
Now, the chapters continue; Currently, Besspher is the Digital Coordinator for a Ford-Lincoln-Nissan-Mazda dealership in the city he graduated, the biggest automotive dealership in West, Texas.

So far, Besspher is working studying for his GMAT to peruse Graduate school in Management Information Systems…

To Be Continued…